Australian Business Journal beauty products article TwentyEight Kate

"........It's worth noting that the cold extraction system used is quite unique and it's what allows them to leverage all the active phytonutrients of the plant. In other words, there are few other products like this!".


All the value of TwentyEight Kate is in the ingredients, so clients don't pay for unnecessary expensive packaging, they pay for ingredients that are 100% active, undiluted, cold extracted, and unrefined.


Our initial desire was to create a completely palm oil-free skincare range.That desire evolved into an aspiration to produce a line of products that was not only environmentally and ethically conscious in every aspect of the process but uncomplicated and efficient. 

With the significant advancements in the science of extracting phytonutrients from plants, we have been able to omit unnecessary products and ingredients to create a beauty routine that is high performing yet gentle on your skin while appreciating and respecting nature and our environment.


Brimming with active phytonutrients, all three steps in your new routine are 100% active, undiluted, cold extracted and unrefined, from the plant to the bottle in a single process. 

The cleanser and serum blends are uniquely extracted using a world first water soluble cold extraction system giving you access to the full range of the plant's active ingredients.

Our traditional and newly researched plant extracts have been thoughtfully blended to complement each other's own unique health benefits to address your specific skin concerns.

Consistency is the key to achieving results. Your skin creates new cells to replace existing ones aproximately every 28 days or longer depending on your age. Be patient and you can achieve a healthy glowing complexion.

Stay Beautiful